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In the EV-Carbase below you'll find the Electric Cars with Road Registration by each Electric Car Manufacturer Worldwide.


Electric Cars on the Road (2017)

For the Electric Car there are the following EV-Propulsions :
EV - Electric Vehicles
        PHEV - Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
                    EREV - Extended Range Electric Vehicles
                                FCEV - Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
                                            HEV - Hybrid Electric Vehicles



EV-Model                              EV-Propulsion                  EV-Website                        
ACURA   ILX Hybrid Hybrid Acura ILX Hybrid
    NSX PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Acura NSX
    RLX Hybrid Hybrid Acura RLX Hybrid
    MDX Sport Hybrid Hybrid
AUDI   A3 Sportback e-Tron Plug-In Hybrid Audi A3 e-Tron
    Q7 e-Tron Plug-In Hybrid
BAIC   E200 EV Electric BAIC E200
    ES210 Electric
    E150 EV Electric
    EV200 Electric
    EX200 Electric
    C30 EV Electric
BEIQI FOTON   Midi EV Electric
BLUECAR   BlueCar Electric   BlueCar
BMW   i3 Electric Electric BMW i3
    i3 EREV EREV BMW i3
    i8 Plug-In Hybrid BMW i8
    X5 xDrive40e PHEV Plug-In Hybrid BMW X5 eDrive
    330e Plug-In Hybrid BMW 330e
    225xe Plug-In Hybrid BMW 225xe
    530e Plug-In Hybrid
BMW BRILLIANCE   Zinoro 1E Electric
    530Le Plug-In Hybrid
BYD   e5 Electric
    e6 Electric BYD e6
    F3DM PHEV Plug-In Hybrid BYD F3DM
    Qin PHEV Plug-In Hybrid BYD Qin
    Shang Plug-In Hybrid
    Tang PHEV Plug-In Hybrid BYD Tang
    Yuang Plug-In Hybrid
    Escalade Hybrid Hybrid Cadillac Escalade
    CT6 PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Cadillac CT6 PHEV
CHANGAN   Benni EV Electric
    E-30 Electric
    Eado-EV Electric Changan Eado
CHERY   Arrizo 7 PHEV Plug-In Hybrid
    QQ EV Electric Chery QQ EV
    eQ EV Electic   Chery eQ
    Riich M1c  
CHEVROLET   Volt EREV   Chevrolet Volt
    Bolt-EV Electric   Chevrolet Bolt-EV
    Spark-EV Electric   Chevrolet Spark-EV
    Tahoe Hybrid Hybrid   Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
CHRYSLER   Pacifica PHEV Plug-In HYbrid   Chrysler Pacifica PHEV
CITROËN   C-Zero Electric   Citroën C-Zero
    DS5 Hybrid Diesel Hybrid   Citroën DS5 Hybrid
CODA AUTOMOTIVE   Sedan EV Electric   Coda EV
COURB   C-Zen Electric   Courb C-Zen
CREE   Sam Electric   Cree Sam
DENZA   Denza-EV Electric   Denza-EV
DETROIT ELECTRIC   SP 01 Electric   Detroit Electric SP-01
DONGFENG   E30L Electric  
DONGFENG NISSAN   Venucia e30 Electric   DongFeng Venucia
ELCAT   CityVan Electric   Elcat City Van
EXAGON    Furtive eGT Electric Exagon Furtive eGT
FAW BESTURN   Besturn B50 EV Electric   FAW Besturn B50 EV
FAW TOYOTA   Ranz EV Electric    
FAW VOLKSWAGEN   Audi A6L e-Tron Plug-In Hybrid  
    Carely EV Electric   VW FAW Carely EV
FERRARI   599XX Hybrid   Ferrari 599XX
    LaFerrari Plug-In Hybrid   Ferrari LaFerrari
FIAT   500e Electric FIAT 500e
FISKER   Karma PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Fisker Karma
FORD   Fusion Energi Electric
    Fusion PHEV Plug-In Hybrid
    Fusion Hybrid Hybrid
    C-Max Energi Electric
    C-Max PHEV Plug-In Hybrid    
    C-Max Hybrid Hybrid    
    Focus Hybrid Hybrid
    Focus Electric Electric
    Escape Hybrid Hybrid
    Mondeo Hybrid Hybrid Ford Mondeo Hybrid
    Mondeo PHEV Plug-In Hybrid
    Transit Connect Electric
GAC   Trumpchi GA5 REV Plug-IN Hybrid
GEELY   EK-2 Electric
    Emgrand EV Electric
GREAT WALL   Haval M3 EV Electric
GREENWHEEL EV   Jimma  Electric
HAFEI   Saiboa EV Electric
HAIMA   Freema EV Electric
HOLDEN   Volt EREV Holden Volt
HONDA   FIT-EV Electric Honda FIT-EV
    Civic Hybrid Hybrid   Honda Civic Hybrid
    Jazz Hybrid Hybrid   Honda Jazz Hybrid
    Insight Hybrid Hybrid   Honda Insight Hybrid
    Accord Hybrid Hybrid   Honda Accord Hybrid
    Accord PHEV Plug-In Hybrid   Honda Accord PHEV
    Vezel Hybrid Hybrid   Honda Vezel Hybrid
    CR-Z Hybrid Hybrid   Honda CR-Z Hybrid
    FCX Clarity FCEV   Honda FCX Clarity
    Odessey Hybrid Hybrid    
HYUNDAI   Santa Fe Hybrid Hybrid   Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid
    Sonata Hybrid Hybrid   Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
    Sonata PHEV PHEV  
    ix35 FCEV FCEV   Hyundai ix35 FCEV




  Q50 Hybrid Hybrid    
    Q70 Hybrid Hybrid    
JAC   iEV Electric   JAC iEV
    J3 Electric    
KANDI EV   Panda EV Electric   Panda EV
    EV e Electric   EV e
KIA   Soul EV Electric KIA Soul-EV
    Optima Hybrid Hybrid KIA Optima Hybrid
    Ray EV Electric    
    Niro Hybrid Hybrid    
LANDROVER   Range Rover Sport Hybrid Landrover Range Rover
LEXUS   CT-200h Hybrid   Lexus CT 200h
    ES 300h Hybrid   Lexus ES 300h
    GS 450h Hybrid   Lexus GS 400h
    IS 300h Hybrid   Lexus IS 300h
    LS 600h Hybrid   Lexus LS 600h
    NX 300h Hybrid   Lexus NX 300h
    RX 450h Hybrid   Lexus RX 450h
LIFAN   100E2 Electric   Lifan 100E2 Electric
    300E Electric   Lifan 300E Electric
    320E Electric   Lifan 320E Electric
    620EV Electric   Lifan 620EV Electric
LINCOLN   MKZ Hybrid Hybrid   Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
LOTUS   Evora 414E Hybrid   Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid
LUXGEN   M7 EV+ Electric   LuxgenM7 EV+ Electric
MAHINDRA   e20 Electric   Mahindra e2o
McLAREN   P1 Plug-In Hybrid   McLaren P1 PHEV
MERCEDES   B-250e Electric MB B-250e
    C300 BlueTec Hybrid Hybrid
    C350e PHEV Plug-In Hybrid    
    E250 BlueTec Hybrid Hybrid
    E300 BlueTec Hybrid Hybrid
    E400 BlueTec Hybrid Hybrid
    E350e Plug-In Hybrid Plug-In Hybrid
    GLC 350e PHEV Plug-In Hybrid
    GLE 500e PHEV Plug-in Hybrid
    ML450 Hybrid Hybrid
    S300 Hybrid Hybrid
    S400 Hybrid Hybrid
    S500e PHEV Plug-In Hybrid MB S500 PHEV
    SLS AMG Electric Drive Electric    
MINI   Countryman PHEV Plug-In Hybrid
MITSUBISHI   I-Miev Electric   Mitsubishi I-Miev Electric
    Outlander PHEV Plug-IN Hybrid   Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
NISSAN LEAF Electric Nissan LEAF Electric
    Altima Hybrid Hybrid   Nissan Altima Hybrid
    e-NV200 Electric   Nissan e-NV200 Electric
    Pathfinder Hybrid Hybrid   Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid
    Note e-Power Electric   Nissan Note e-Power
OPEL   Ampera EREV   Opel Ampera EREV
PEUGEOT   Ion Electric    
    208 Hybrid FE Hybrid    
    3008 Hybrid4 Hybrid    
    508 Hybrid4 Hybrid    
    508 RXH Hybrid4 Hybrid    
    308R Hybrid Hybrid    
PORSCHE   Cayenne S-E Plug-In Hybrid
    Panamera S-E Plug-In Hybrid    
    918 Spyder Plug-In Hybrid    
    911 GT3 RS E-Hybrid Plug-In Hybrid    
RENAULT   Fluence Z.E. Electric    
    Kangoo Z.E. Electric    
    Twizy Z.E. Electric    
    ZOE Electric    
REVA   e2o Electric   REVA e2o Electric
RIMAC   Concept One Electric   Rimac Concept One
SAIC   Roewe 750 Hybrid Hybrid   Roewe 750 Hybrid
    Roewe e50 Electric   Roewe e50
    Roewe e550 PHEV Plug-In Hybrid   Roewe 550 PHEV
    Roewe e950 PHEV Plug-In Hybrid  
    Maxus EV80 Electric  
SAMSUNG MOTORS   3M3 Z.E. Electric   Samsung 3M3 Z.E.
SATURN   Aura Hybrid Hybrid   Saturn Aura Hybrid
    Vue Hybrid Hybrid   Saturn Vue Hybrid
SHANGHAI GM   Sail EV Electric   GM Sail EV
SMART    ForTwo Electric Drive Electric   Smart ForTwo ED
SUBARU   Crosstrek Hybrid Hybrid    
TAZZARI   Zero Electric   Tazzari Zero
TESLA   Roadster Electric Tesla Roadster
    Model S Electric Tesla Model S
    Model X Electric   Tesla Model X
THINK   City Electric   Think-EV
TOYOTA   Auris Hybrid Hybrid    
    Auris Touring Hybrid Hybrid    
    Avalon Hybrid Hybrid    
    Camry Hybrid Hybrid    
    Crown Hybrid Hybrid    
    Highlander Hybrid Hybrid    
    Prius Hybrid Hybrid    
    Prius+ Hybrid    
    Prius PHEV Plug-In Hybrid    
    RAV4 Hybrid Hybrid    
    RAV4 EV Electric    
    Yaris Hybrid Hybrid    
    Mirai Fuel Cell   Toyota Mirai
VAUXHALL   Ampera EREV   Vauxhall Ampera
VENTURI   America Electric    
    Fetish Electric    
    Volage Electric    
VIA MOTORS   VTRUX Electric   VIA Motors VTrux
VOLKSWAGEN   e-UP Electric   VW e-UP
    e-Golf Electric   VW e-Golf
    Golf GTE Plug-In Hybrid   VW Golf GTE
    Jetta Hybrid Hybrid   VW Jetta Hybrid
    Passat GTE Plug-In Hybrid   VW Passat GTE
    Touareg Hybrid Hybrid   VW Touareg Hybrid
    XL1 Plug-In Hybrid   VW XL1
VOLVO   V60 PHEV Plug-In Hybrid   Volvo V60 PHEV
    S60L PHEV Plug-In Hybrid   Volvo S60L PHEV
    XC90 PHEV Plug-In Hybrid   Volvo XC90 PHEV
    C30 Electric Electric   Volvo C30 Electric
ZAP   E380 EV Electric   ZAP E380 EV
ZOTYE   Cloud / Z100 EV Electric   Zotye Z100EV
    Zhidou E20 Electric   Zotye Zhihou E20
    E200 Electric    
    E30 Electric    
    5008 EV Electric    
    M300 EV Electric