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Electric Car Charging Cables


Kreisel Electric

kreisel electric

Athlon Electric Car Lease

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BYD - Build Your Dreams

BYD - Build Your Dreams

 EVe Charging Stations

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Fast Charging Stations

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Nomad Cycles

Nomad Cycles

Nomad Electric Cycles - Nomad-EV

Nomad Cycles electric bikes – Comfort, Quality, Efficiency, Green Power

Nomad electric bicycles bring together the convenience and comfort of a motorised vehicle
and combine it with the fun and freedom of a bicycle. These intelligently designed and
remarkably constructed machines are sure to become your new favourite way of cruising
around town.

Electric bicycles – Fit, Fun, Fast

Riding a bike is the most fun you’ll ever have sitting up but hills and tough terrain are
unavoidable challenges. That’s not an issue for electric bike riders. Up to five levels of
motorised assistance let’s you control how you tackle a situation. Feel like working hard?
Just dial back the assistance to where you feel comfortable. Feel like getting there quick
and without breaking a sweat? Crank up the power and enjoy the rush!

Ebikes – Environmentally Friendly, Fashionable, Functional

A single charge costs just a few cents in electricity and will take you 40-60km through
motor power alone. Increase your own pedal power and you can expect to go far further.
Taking a folding electric bike with you on holidays means you always have a convenient
and inexpensive source of transport no matter where you are. And best of all, each and
every one of our bikes require no special license or registration to ride. Take them on bike
paths or the road just as you would with any other bicycle!